Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

Stars at Zibriskie Point
Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to assist a fellow photographer on a scouting trip to Death Valley, California. This is not necessarily a time of year that I would recommend for a visit. I don't care what they say about it being a dry heat. Yeah, I know, 120 degrees would have felt a lot hotter in Georgia with our humidity, but hot is hot. Still, I'm glad I went.

We had a few interesting experiences. Your choice for water in the hotel was either very warm or hot. And you know how when it's hot outside, a breeze is a nice relief? Well not when the wind is blowing over the salt flats after it has been exposed to 120 degree temperatures for days on end. We actually wished the wind would stop as it made us feel hotter.

But the scenery was truly beautiful. I think my favorite location was Zibriskie Point. It was the easiest to access and when standing at the top of the lookout area, you could spin yourself around and see so much variation in the colors of the mountains—from brown to orange to white and every shade in between. Spectacular!

I also saw my first milky way—that was truly a treat. And Death Valley has some of the darkest skies in the U.S., so we were able to see so many stars—more than I've ever seen at one time. It was amazing!

Me at The Devil's Golf Course
Have you been to Death Valley? What time of year did you go?

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