There's "Corn" in Them Thar Hills

Copper Creek Farm Sign
The next photo I needed to take for the calendar was a "harvest" scene for November. Well, this could be easier in November, but with an October 1 deadline, I had to improvise. I had an idea that if I could find a barn somewhere in rural Georgia that is surrounded by a corn field, it could work. Lots of online research gave me a list of possibilities, and after making a couple of calls, I decided on Copper Creek Farm in Calhoun, Georgiaa little town in northwest Georgia.

The owner of the farm, David, was so sweet and allowed me to come out last Sunday morning and take photos to my heart's content. I took quite a few of the corn field, but the barn could not be seen from there. Copper Creek Farm is a beautiful location, but that barn is truly the showpiece. I knew I had to photograph it even though there was only a very small strip of corn planted just to one side of the barn. I used one of my tricks of getting down low, and it actually looked like the barn was surrounded by corn.

Barn at Copper Creek Farm
Still, it wasn't quite the look I had hoped for, since there were no tassels on the corn yet, but it was such a beautiful photo, that it was chosen. I wanted it placed in September, but that was already chosen, so it's going to be the October photo.

If you've never been to Copper Creek Farm, I recommend you visit during one of their festivals. I imagine this would be particularly fun for families.

Have you been to Copper Creek Farm, and did you enjoy your visit?

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