California, Here I Come: Part 3

For size context, there are actually people standing behind the biggest boulder.
In my last post, I told you about stumbling onto Fort Rosecrans Cemetery. I enjoyed that quick stop, but was anxious to see the lighthouses. I had learned that they are both located in Cabrillo National Monument (part of the U.S. National Park Service). There was a $10 car entry fee that is good for a week. That's great if you live there, or came for a longer visit, but I think I’d rather pay $5 for a one-day pass—just sayin'.

Anyway, in addition to the lighthouses, they have tide pools, which were supposed to have all sorts of sea creatures living in them, e.g., sea anemones, periwinkle snails, crabs, lobsters, sea stars, and even octopuses. Unfortunately, I didn't see any—maybe if I could have stayed longer or ventured to one of the other tide pools, I would have. It was, however, very scenic and a really great location for some artistic shots.

Yep, that's a tide pool.
I wished I had packed my hiking boots—there just wasn't enough room in the suitcase. I highly recommend it though because there was at least one area where you had to climb down some rocks to get to the tide pools and it was a little slippery. With great care, I was able to navigate it, but the tide was in, so there was only so far I could go unless I had wanted to take my shoes off altogether. I think that would work better for a bit warmer weather. Is it ever warm enough in San Diego?

They have some really large seagulls in California.
Before I left the tide pool area, I attempted to photograph the “new” lighthouse. It’s fenced off—with barbed wire, even—so you just can’t get to it.  What is up with that? I’m used to walking right up to the lighthouses of the southeast beaches. You can’t always go inside—that varies by location, but you can almost always get close enough for some great photos. There are also some really ugly guy (yep, that really is how it's spelled) wires obstructing the view, besides it being a rather utilitarian-style lighthouse, but I think the trick may be to be in a boat and photograph from the water.

I know you were dying to see it.
Well, it's time to move on the see the "old" lighthouse.

Next time: "Old" Point Loma Lighthouse

If  you've visited Cabrillo National Monument, what was your favorite part? 

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