Say Yes to the Butterflies

Yellow & Black Butterfly with White & Black Butterfly on a red flower at Butterfly Wonderland
Scoot over and make room for me.
After a really full and rather hot day enjoying the great outdoors of Phoenix, Arizona, my friend and I decided that the next day we wanted to do something indoors. When I considered the list of options she gave me, it didn't take me but about a second to say yes to the butterflies. I absolutely love butterflies.

I've only been to one other butterfly house—the one at Callaway Gardens in my home state of Georgia. I really enjoy Callaway, but let me tell you, this place had it beat. Butterfly Wonderland's website says they are the largest in the U.S., and I believe it. It was huge!

Wide and short black and beige butterfly at Butterfly Wonderland
Wide and short isn't always a compliment, but this butterfly is working it.
And the variety of butterflies was impressive. My only complaint was the way you enter and exit the butterfly room. It was a bit more restrictive. I'm used to being able to come and go more easily at Callaway and not having to wait in a line.

The only thing we didn't think about was that we really weren't escaping the heat because butterflies like it steamy. So we escaped the direct sun, but we were probably just about as sweaty.

Black and yellow butterfly with pointed wings at Butterfly Wonderland
This butterfly could make his wings look rounded or pointed—now that's talent!
Butterflies are not particularly easy to photograph. They are fast—extremely fast—and even when they are perched somewhere, they are often opening and closing their wings rapidly. So I'm not claiming that any of these photos are technically perfect, but the butterflies were so beautiful, that I thought they were worth sharing.

Brown iridescent butterfly at Butterfly Wonderland
I'm ready for my close up.
In addition to seeing the variety of butterflies, the other thing that delighted me immensely was the butterflies that kept perching on me—more than once, on my head. Possibly they were attracted to whatever product I had in my hair. But I had one passenger on my shoulder for a while. That was fun because I could actually see him. You can't take them home with you, though. They even have mirrors to check yourself before you leave.

Brown and green butterfly at Butterfly Wonderland
This guy has built-in camouflage.
Next door, an aquarium is being built, but inside Butterfly Wonderland is one room with several tanks. That was completely unexpected, and very much appreciated. I may love aquariums just about as much as butterflies. My mother always said of me when describing what I like: fins, fur, and feathers. Yep, I do love wildlife!

Blue fish with black stripes in tank at Butterfly Wonderland
Did you know that blue is my favorite color?
Well, it was a quick trip to Arizona. There was more that I wanted to see, and I hope to go back another year, but for this year, I decided I'd like to take several shorter trips to see as many new places as I possibly can. I'm not sure when or where my next official trip will be, but I'm already looking forward to it.

Where do you recommend I travel to next?


  1. Judy, the new aquarium is now open. I haven't been yet. You need to come for another visit and we'll go together.