Yard Photography: Ice and Snow

Branch coated in ice
You can actually see a house through the ice on the branch.
It was supposed to snow overnight, possibly up to six inches. So when I woke up and looked out, I was a little disappointed to see what would best be described as a dusting. Those wacky weather people!

There was some ice, however, and I really don't like ice, well, unless it's in a beverage. The walkway and street looked fine, but I didn't really want to take any chances. So I decided that a little yard photography was in order.

Pagoda with a dusting of snow and some icicles.
The first thing I thought about was my pagoda. I wanted to get a shot that would include some of the ground to show more of the dusting of snow, but in its location, it is difficult to get it framed really well. So, I had to settle for some close ups of the icicles.

Holly leaves covered in ice
A dusting of snow on ice-covered holly.
I don't really have a ton of things to photograph in my yard. Loropetalums and hollies are my main bushes. The red berries on the hollies were, unfortunately, a little buried in the leaves where the lighting wasn't ideal.

Blue sky reflecting on crepe myrtle seed pods.
The seed pods on the crepe myrtles were so pretty—like glass balls. Those really were my best subjects, although a little hard to get to. Most of my flowers die back to nothing in the winter. There is the fountain grass, but it is so delicate and kept moving in the wind.

Butterfly rain gauge and icicles
Butterfly rain gauge with some icicles.
Having run out of plants, I started looking for what else I could shoot. My butterfly rain gauge was rather pretty. Notice the glass vessel isn't in it—it's in a drawer in my kitchen. Wait for it, here comes a Tip Alert: Always take in the glass vessel once cold weather begins because it can freeze and break.

Wrought iron and icicles
I like the juxtaposition of the wrought iron with icicles.
Well, that was about it. Honestly, I hope we don't get anymore ice. I really don't like feeling stranded, but it was rather nice to see each of these items in a different way. That's what I like about photography, it pushes me to look at everything a little differently.

Do you have a special place you like to photograph ice or snow?

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